My name is Alexis,
and I’ve learned that being a grown-up is hard because apparently spending your last dollar on getting your nails done is frowned upon.

I enjoy binge-watching early 2000's teen dramas on Netflix (sorry not sorry), eating Thai food takeout, & wearing high heels to the grocery store.

I'm glad you're here and invite you to stay awhile and join me in laughing at the silliness that is adulthood.

Welcome to High Heels & A Briefcase,
a lifestyle blog for the sassy working girl.
I hope to bring you laughs, inspiration, and reassurance
through these crazy fun and utterly trying times
of being a twenty-something grinding gal.
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Freelance Work & Services


I'm always looking for new opportunities to expand my network and knowledge. I am very skilled at content creation, marketing solutions, and social media strategies. If your business is looking for some upbeat TLC, check out my freelance services.

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I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2016 with a Communication Studies degree. Go Hawks! I worked in field & digital marketing for a year and half before switching gears to working in content marketing and business development at a Software Development firm in Des Moines, Iowa. For a more in depth overview of my professional experience, visit my LinkedIn. 

Alexis At Work


When I'm not blogging or watching Netflix, I go to work.
I specialize in digital, field, and content marketing. Take a peek at my portfolio to see some of my work.


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