4 Things To Remember When The Going Gets Tough


Do you ever just have one of those days that make you want to re-evaluate every aspect of your life? You know, the kind of day that leaves you sitting in your car at the end of your work day crying into the steering wheel before dialing up your mom and going through the Dairy Queen drive-thru? No? No one else?

Maybe it's just me...

Maybe you're running into some problems at work, and you're questioning your worth. Perhaps you're struggling in a relationship, and you feel like you've reached your breaking point. Maybe you've fallen off the health & fitness wagon, and you're fed up. Whether your bad days look anything like mine, all mascara-stricken and all, or you're able to keep yourself a tad more composed- I'm here to tell you that there is light at the end of the woe is me tunnel. Next time your circumstances don't seem to be going your way, try and keep these things in mind to ease your sorrows:

Keep tabs on your to-do's.

Make a list of everything you have to do so you can get it out of your mind and get it on to paper. The biggest reason I find myself stressing out about anything is because I feel so overwhelmed with all the thoughts that are running around in my mind. It can get exhausting trying to keep track of what's going on at work, the status of my online shoe order, and what I'm cooking for dinner without mixing something up. But don't let your to-do list dictate your happiness. Just because you've got a lot to do doesn't mean you can't get it done! Use what method works for you- whether that's an iPhone App, a note in your phone, or my go-to favorite, a good old-fashioned notebook. (There's just something so satisfying about crossing off written to-do's.) And while you're at it- jot down a few of the good things too, like making time to read that book that's collecting dust on your nightstand or a 15-minute YouTube break to watch Jimmy Fallon's History of Rap. Life doesn't have to be so serious all the time, and rewarding yourself the time to do the things you love can make doing the other stuff not so bad.

Find your happy place

There's no better way to release some steam than by going for a jog and jamming out to Beyoncé's Lemonade. Or perhaps if jogging isn't really your thing, ahem... me, then do whatever it is that makes you feel good! Cuddle up to watch your favorite Netflix series with a pint of Ben & Jerry's (much more me) or take it down a notch and treat your body, mind, & soul on your yoga mat. You'd be amazed at how liberating it feels to let go of whatever made your day so crummy by simply doing what makes you happy.


Take a deep breath.

Sometimes when the going gets tough, we forget to just take a second to breathe. Life is crazy, and unexpected, and sometimes annoying, but most of the time its beautiful. A lot of us often forget the latter, so do yourself a favor and take a step back, close your eyes, take a loooong deep breath, and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. This life we've been given is far too beautiful to shed tears upon. In the big scheme of your life, one bad day is nothing. Don't waste your precious energy on fretting about the right now's that seem out of place when you have so much good that is soon to come!

Give it up to God.

When in doubt, pray it out! I can't even begin to explain how powerful prayer is in my life. It's almost comical how earth shattering a situation may seem, and then how quickly God shows me that worrying about things that are out of my control is so pointless. I often struggle with this "giving it up to God" idea, because I am a massive control freak and overly ambitious planner. I like to think I call all the shots and that the control is in my hands. But then sure enough, I find myself laughing at how ridiculous it is to think we know God's plan for our lives, and that we can change what He's already got paved out for us. When you have a bad day that doesn't quite make sense, don't stress about it. Pour your heart out to God and trust that He is working. Trust that if He brought you to it, He's going to bring you through it. So remember- when something doesn't go your way, it usually means He's up to something. Hint: what He's working on is way better than what you had originally planned.


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Sometimes we have bad days, and sometimes those bad days lead us to a crossroads between "WTF is happening" and "Actually, I'll take the large ice cream cone, please." But always remember it's just a bad day - not a bad life.