I'm Moving... Again!

Alexis Puebla

Selfishly, I keep waiting for the moment that life will slow down for just a moment.The rapid changes in the waters of my reality would suddenly calm; I’d find comfort in the stability. Perhaps it’s my age or maybe it’s my undeniable craving to live the seemingly unattainable life of my dreams, but the past couple years have felt like complete and utter chaos.

However, I suppose the turmoil is a little exciting. Stressful? Yes. Boring? Never.

I like to write about my thoughts, feelings, lessons I’m learning, and big dreams I’m plotting. I also like to document the changes I’m going through—sometimes to update friends and family on big life moments but also to help other young twenty-somethings who want to find some comfort in this crazy chapter of our lives. We’re trying to balance all the things we hope to become while also coming to terms with the person we’re growing into. We don’t know what we’re doing, but isn’t that the point?

Struggling together is so much sweeter than struggling alone.

OKAY—I’m off my soapbox.

Now, for the life update. After a wild year and a half in Des Moines—it is so bittersweet to even type the words—but I am officially moving back to Iowa City. Bobby had an amazing career opportunity open up, and as he was packing up his bags to move to Des Moines in January, our plan was suddenly shifted. Emphasis on the suddenly.

We weren’t planning this at all, although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited! My time in Des Moines has been… challenging to say the least. There were plenty of tearful nights missing Bobby, sad weekends being 3 hours away from home, and many moments of uncertainty about WHAT in the world I’m supposed to be doing. However I think any time we’re challenged with difficult seasons or uncomfortable situations, we’re forced to grow. My short time in Des Moines really pushed me outside of my comfort zone, urging me to make a strong effort to find friends and discover all the ins and outs of living in a brand new city. And unknowingly, my year and half on my own and in a long-distance relationship ultimately helped me find myself. This chapter of my life will forever be a time that I’ll look back on with such love.

But here I am, heading back to Iowa City. The few friends I had in town have moved and I’ve lost touch with others. I’m going to need to get re-accustomed to my Hy-Vee grocery aisles, re-establish a go-to nail salon, and find a yoga studio to call home. In an attempt to help others who may be moving soon or are still struggling to adjust to their new city, I’m sharing the 3 things that I’ll be doing to make my old city that’s about to be my new city home.

1. Be open to meeting new people.

This was key for me after I moved to Des Moines. I had to get acclimated in my community and grow a brand new network of friends. I attended networking groups, met as many people as I could for coffee, and joined a yoga studio where I quickly formed relationships with other girls who at least shared the same interest of putting health and wellness as a priority. Being lonely is no fun, trust me—I know. If you’re in a rut in terms of your friend circle, put yourself out there and meet some new people! You never know what kind of destined soul-sister situation might be waiting for you.

2. Treat each new experience with optimism.

You must keep an open mind if you’re going to try new things. From new restaurants to new people to trying out the new natural grocery store—get excited about the newness that’s to come! Instead of being sad about having to adjust to the city or growing bitter about your maybe less-than-ideal circumstances, switch your perspective to be full of gratitude. Tell yourself how lucky you are to be on this new adventure, recognizing the growth you’ll inevitable encounter. Whisper small “thank-yous” throughout your day, such as the beautiful trees you see on your new drive to work or a sweet little coffee shop you stumbled on. Be optimistic about what’s to come, because I promise you good things will come to you if you welcome them with positive, open arms.

3. Trust with your whole heart this is where you’re supposed to be.

I had so many tearful nights while living in Des Moines—sprawled out on my bedroom floor on the phone with my mom sounding like a broken record: “this isn’t where I’m supposed to be. I don’t know where I should be, but this can’t be it.” However, my desperate need to be in complete control of the outside circumstances of my life was tainting my trust in God’s perfect plan for my life. I truly grew so much throughout my time in Des Moines, and there are so many things I can point to that in the moment were tough, sad, lonely, frustrating, and confusing. However the beauty in it is that without those difficult moments, the light at the other end would never come. You can’t grow without a little struggle, and no matter how scared or anxious we may feel about something—God always always always has it under control. His plans for us are absolutely perfect, and often include twists and turns that we’d never expect. But doesn’t that make life more fun? How lucky we are to be so loved, cared for, and fully accounted for at every step of the way.

I am so unbelievably excited for this next chapter, but I’m also incredibly nervous, too. I pray that I keep this enthusiastic optimism towards new opportunities that come my way. I pray for the same for you too, sister friend.

Here’s to new adventures and forever following our hearts!

Alexis Puebla