Hello, Real World.


My name is Alexis, & I am the girl wearing the heels while holding the briefcase.

I'm fresh out of college, 22-years-old, and trying ever so fabulously to make my transition to adulthood, well... flawless. *cue Queen Bee*

Like many of those who are also walking through life in a pair of Kate Spade sparkly peep-toes on a TJ Maxx-budget, I’m adjusting from the comfortable and stress-free college life of no bills, no obligations, and no real responsibilities other than showing up to class and keeping up with my social calendar to being a real, live... adult. Six-months after graduating from the University of Iowa, I live alone in a one-bedroom apartment and I have a full-time job as the marketing manager for a budding online and mobile food delivery service. For the first time in my life I’ve got bills to pay, conference calls to attend, and virtually no idea what I’m doing in the slightest.

If you call your mom upwards of 7 times a week to ask simple questions such as how to un-shrink a sweater (happened to me last week), to make sure that microwaving a frozen chicken breast still constitutes as thawing it (not going to lie, definitely have done this multiple times), or how to properly schedule a dentist appointment (still working on this one)- you are not alone! Growing up is hard, and I figure if I can help some girls out along the way by providing some good laughs and carefree fun based on some of my experiences, then this whole post-grad-life thing might not be so bad after all.


This picture was taken on June 1st, 2016 – approximately 2 and a 1/2 weeks after walking across the coveted stage at my college graduation ceremony. I was flown out to Baltimore, Maryland for a week of training at my new big-girl job, and I was nervous out of my mind.

However, nervous is an absolute understatement. The better word to describe my temperament here would be terrified. Terrified partly because I had never flown alone before (naturally, I nearly missed by flight after having to sprint across O'hare lugging my XL Polka-Dot suitcase through the masses), but also slightly terrified by the surreal realization that this new ‘grown-up life’ of being an adult who goes on work trips and comes home to a ‘9-5’ waiting for her come Monday morning was my new normal.

But it’s like I always say: the #GIRLBOSS life didn’t choose me, I chose it.


Like many of you, I have dreams. Dreams that I securely placed in a snug little folder in the corner of my brain titled, "When I Grow Up." It's always an awkward encounter that I have with myself when I realize that the time to pull out that folder and go through the files is literally, right now. How'd that happen?!

I have so many hopes and dreams for my life that at times it gets overwhelming trying to keep up with the woman I want to be. Most days I want to be a successful boss-ass CEO, but occasionally I ponder the consequences of taking an extended holiday from life to simply travel the world. I want to have money in the bank, but I also want to buy a new pair of shoes every time I receive a JustFab email in my inbox. I want to live in a big city that never sleeps, but my heart is warmly nestled in a small-town in Iowa.

Nonetheless, I hold my hopes and dreams close to my heart as I attempt to forever trust in God’s plan for my life, despite how difficult that may sometimes be. Throughout these past 6 months of real adulthood I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve thrived, and boy… have I failed. Working my job, paying my bills, attempting to cook those BuzzFeed Tasty Facebook videos, and waking up each day with a grateful heart has been the most difficult challenge thus far in my life- but I wouldn’t trade a second of this experience. I know one day I’m going to look back with a soft-hearted smile at the days of crossing my fingers each time I swipe my debit card at the grocery store.


I hope this blog can be a place where you, my fellow sassy working girl, can come to relate to the real struggle that is juggling a full-time job, keeping money in the bank, staying on top of your fitness game, all while loving your fabulous-self in the process! I hope to bring you a warm and comforting celebratory hug as well as some laughs, inspiration, and reassurance through these difficult, yet rewarding times of being a twenty-something grinding gal. I hope that by sharing my stories and experiences with each of you, we can all grow together as we try and navigate this crazy little thing called life.

Because at the end of the day, being fabulous isn’t a reflection of your circumstances - it’s a way of life.