High Heels & A Briefcase: The Podcast

Welcome to High Heels and a Briefcase, the podcast — a place where twenty-something women can come to hear the inspiring, painful, and beautiful stories of other girls just like them trying to make it big in this world. Whether you’re struggling with your career, trying to find yourself, looking for inspiration, or you just want to find some comfort amid the madness - I hope this podcast can be a place where you, my fellow sassy working girl, can find some joy during your morning commute or while you’re sweating on the stair master.

Artist called lo high heels and a briefase

Ep. 12: The Lo Down: Art, Entrepreneurship, & Chasing Your Passion

This week, Alexis sits down with artist, entrepreneur & free-spirit, Lindsay O’Brien. The two chat all about Lindsay’s creative work with singer/songwriter Julia Michaels, including how she got her first project with the star and Lindsay’s experience at fancy award shows (Alexis’ favorite part, of course.) They also discuss Lindsay’s experience of being her own boss and the struggles she’s found being a full-time freelancer. This week’s #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to start a book (or finish the one you started months ago and haven’t touched).

Laura Vandeberg

Ep. 11: That’s Mrs.* Iowa Hawkeye to You

This week’s guest is Iowa Sweetheart and Host of Hawkeye Sports, Laura VandeBerg. Alexis gets all the details about how she landed her dream job, what she loves most about it, and her biggest challenges. And of course, the two discuss the video that went viral when her boyfriend proposed on the football field for the world’s cutest proposal. They also discuss the impacts of social media, building her band, and how she hopes to impact younger generations. This week’s #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to call a friend instead of texting them because it makes Alexis super uncomfortable... so let’s all get uncomfy this week!

High heels and a briefcase the podcast

Ep. 10: From Finals Week to Fashion Week

This week, Alexis sits down with former Iowa Cheerleader and current fashionista, Megan Renkel. The two chat about Megan’s journey leaving her cheerleading world behind after her devastating injures. Although it’s like Alexis always says: when one door closes, another one opens! Megan then went on to follow her dreams of working in the fashion industry and Alexis gets all the details about her most recent experience at New York Fashion Week. This week’s #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to take some time out of our busy lives to stop and notice our breath, finding the easiest sense of calm in our busy lives.

highheels and a briefcase erin rollenhagen

Ep. 09: High Heels & A Laptop

This week’s guest is Alexis’ former boss & technology queen, Erin Rollenhagen. Erin founded her software development company, Entrepreneurial Technologies, when she was just 26 and she is a major player in the Des Moines technology space. The two chat about what led her to start her own company, the challenges she’s endured being a business owner, knowing your worth, imposter syndrome, and much more! This week’s #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to get way outside of our comfort zones and ditch the phone. (Only for a night—I’m not crazy!)

Linsey Birusingh High Heels and a Briefcase

Ep. 08: Namastay Listening

Alexis sits down with a true yogi - Linsey Birusingh, to talk all about our truest selves. The two discuss Linsey's life before she found yoga, her career revelations, and how we can challenge ourselves more compassionately. This week's #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to ditch one of your toxic, chemical-filled beauty or hygiene products and find something a little more natural. Alexis shares a few of her favorites to spark some inspiration!

High heels and a briefcase the podcast

Ep. 07: Do Your Squats & Eat Your Veggies

Alexis sits down with registered dietician, Erin Good, to talk all things nutrition! The two chat about healthy food options, the vitamins women in their twenties should be taking, how our metabolism works, and Erin gives a breakdown of all the different fad diets. Erin discusses how she came into the nutrition and wellness space and before she leaves, she gives some great ideas for healthy snacks and meals! This week’s #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to ask someone to to grab a coffee. Whether it’s a girl you follow on Instagram or the girl who sits across the office from you, step outside of your comfort zone and ask her to grab a coffee! Chances are, she’s dying to meet you too—I promise.

High heels and a briefcase the podcast

Ep. 06: The One With My Best Friends

Alexis mixes things up a bit this week with a Galentine’s Day Special featuring her childhood best friends. Grab the wine and your favorite cozy blanket and listen to Claire, Maggie, and Jadelyn reminisce with Alexis while also discussing some very important topics pertaining to friendship. The girls talk about how they’ve remained close while living in different cities, how to be good friends when the going gets tough, relationship advice, and more! In the spirit of the holiday of love, the #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge this week is to spoil yourself! If you need some inspiration, Alexis will be ordering Pad Thai and kicking her heels up with The O.C. reruns. Is there anything better?

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Ep. 05: The Ladies of Brand Launch

This week, Alexis sat down with two of Des Moines’ biggest “movers & shakers” - Emily Steele and Whitney Warne of Brand Launch. The ladies talk about launching their different businesses and how the importance of investing in their community has affected their careers. They discuss what getting into alignment means, social media branding, and obviously—the struggles they encountered during their twenties. This week’s #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to try a brand new style of workout. Whether you want to try an at-home workout or a cycle class, give something new a try!

High heels and a briefcase the podcast

Ep. 04: Mary & Bright

This week's guest is Des Moines fashion blogger and marketer, Mary Ivey. Alexis chats with Mary about how she found her dream job, curating her personal brand, being a married woman in her early twenties, and how her strong faith guides her life. This week's #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to call or text an out of town friend. Whether you've lost touch or you're putting off updating her on the latest drama, give your best girls a ring.

High heels and a briefcase the podcast

Ep. 03: One Sweet Podcast

This week, Alexis sits down with Des Moines baker turned business owner, Brittney Haskins. Brittney opened her bakery, One Sweet Kitchen, in her mid twenties after making the brave move to leave her full-time job and pursue her passion full time. The two talk career things, personal struggles, and the lessons Brittney has learned along the way. This week's #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to dabble in some meditation. Try to grab a cozy spot and schedule yourself some well-deserved me-time. 

High heels and a briefcase the podcast

Ep. 02: Realness & Real Estate

This week’s guest is Des Moines powerhouse and real estate queen, Kelsey Russell. After seeing all of the incredible things Kelsey does in her community and for her clients, Alexis knew she had to have her on the podcast. The two talked about personal branding, time management, and self care. This week’s #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to clean out your closet! Pick 5 things to donate to a women’s shelter, Goodwill, or someone in need. Taking a note from Marie Kondo, ya know?


Ep. 01: Is This Thing On?

On the very first episode of High Heels & A Briefcase the Podcast, Alexis sits down with her good friend and guiding light - Tori Flattery. The two chat about life after college, things to look for when joining networking groups, how to find your side hustle, and all the things Tori felt as she was planning her wedding. This weeks #HighGoalsHighHeels Challenge is to snag yourself a super cute reusable water bottle and stop with the overuse of plastic… because seriously ladies—it’s not cool anymore. 

High Heels and a Briefcase the podcast

The Teaser

This is for the twenty-something girl who knows what she’s worth, but might need to google how to appropriately articulate it to her boss first. This is for the girl who appreciates the finer things, but doesn’t quite have the budget to truly afford them. This is for the girl who wants a green smoothie for breakfast but also requires ice cream for dessert. This is for the girl who wants to change the world—but not before her nap. This is for YOU, sister friend, and I can’t wait to have some incredible people weigh in on what the heck this whole growing up thing is all about. My hope is that we can poke some lighthearted fun at the struggles we face while also finding some inspiration along the way. I hope to guide you, to humor you, and to inspire you to be the best version of yourself—while also encouraging you to buy the shoes, because #duh.