What I Learned When I Started Listening to Myself


Hi, hello, here I am!

I’ve been taking a break from the blog for a couple of months—unintentional at first, however, it soon turned into a purposeful, much-needed pause.

I used to be the kind of girl who’d consider herself cozy in a place of complete chaos—running around with a completely empty tank, operating on little sleep, and trying to serve every other area of my life before tending to myself. I wouldn’t have considered myself unhealthy, albeit I wasn’t operating to my mind, body, and soul’s greatest potential.  

Recently, I’ve taken a step in a new direction, writing myself a new chapter in the ever-evolving book of my learnings. I’ve found that being purposeful about listening to myself is far and away more valuable than checking things off of a to-do list.

Sometimes what my soul needs is to have a really productive week, knocking out blog posts and podcast interviews while also excelling at my day job, investing time and energy into my relationship, and making time for my girlfriends. Because sometimes, that feels really really good.

But sometimes, I just need a break. In this newly explored space of listening to what my mind and body are telling me, I’ve been giving myself permission to take the pressure off to do it all and excel while doing it. Sometimes my soul craves some gentle slowing down, pacing myself for the busy and inspiration-filled times to come. I’m learning that it’s perfectly okay to take a break. It’s totally fine to not need to be busy for a hot second. It’s okay to feel uninspired or lack some motivation.

Life is all about the ups and downs; the rhythmical pattern of learning and growing and taking backward or sideways steps in order to move forward on our own unique paths. No one ever said our paths were straight and narrow. Besides—how boring would that be?

So this is me, changing my perspective on the things in my life that haven’t been going according to an idealistic plan because if there’s anything that I need to tend to with ultra-delicate care, it’s me.

  • I haven’t been eating as clean as I’d like, but instead of putting pressure, shame, and guilt on myself I realized that I’ve been moving for the past few weeks with dishes and pans in boxes. We’re also painting our cabinets, so everything is out of order. It’s okay to be off my green-juice-drinking game for a second. Enjoy the ride!

  • I haven’t been writing as often, posting blogs, or feeling motivated to grow my podcast. But you know what? Sometimes it takes 4 weeks of no inspiration to spark the biggest burst of motivation! I can’t wait to get a taste of these creative juices. It’s a part of the journey!

  • I haven’t been scheduling as many coffee dates as I normally would have, pushing myself to meet new people and cultivate new connections. Instead, I’ve been listening to my body and taking some peaceful time to myself in the mornings—whether that looks like sleeping in an extra 15 minutes, snuggling under the covers or taking my time getting ready before leaving for work. I’ll be back on my grind soon enough, but right now I’m perfectly content with connecting with myself. I must pour into myself before my cup can fill into others.

What can you change your perspective on this week to better serve your precious soul? I love this quote by Winifred Gallagher:

“Living the focused life is not about trying to feel happy all the time; rather, it’s about treating your mind as you would a private garden and being as careful as possible about what you introduce and allow to grow there.”

What are you choosing to let grow in your mind this week? Are you allowing negative energy filled with stress and pressure to take up residence or are you walking into your week with love and compassion towards yourself, welcoming the successes, failures, and completely unremarkable moments with open arms?