Over the past year, I've gotten super interested in my health and wellness, both for my body's benefit but also for my mind. I've been reading books and listening to podcasts nonstop that are educating me so much about the importance of what we put in our bodies and how we fuel our minds. 

There is a quote that I stumbled upon and it made me feel so warm and sparkly inside:

Living the focused life is not about trying to feel happy all the time; rather, it’s about treating your mind as you would a private garden and being as careful as possible about what you allow to grow there.
— Winifred Gallagher

I hope these things can bring you happiness, contentment, and peace of mind like they brought me. Enjoy!


Care of Vitamins

I can’t recall the first time I heard about Care Of Vitamins, but I do know that the internet gurus and tracking devices known as cookies knew they were destined for me, popping up on my Instagram ads every other day. It only took a few more sponsored ads in my favorite podcasts to finally get me to join the party. As a marketing gal myself, I can’t say I’m mad yaabout it.

Anywho, these vitamins are precious. After you take a super brief survey going over your lifestyle, vitamin deficiencies, and health goals, you’re then given a personalized daily vitamin pack picked just for you. Honestly, put my name on anything and I’m sold. It’s the cutest little dispensing box that arrives in the mail, and I keep it right on my desk at work. Every day at 10am, I’m greeted by an inspirational quote and my daily dose of supplements.

In case you’re wondering: I take fish oil, a probiotic blend, vitamin B12, and astaxanthin (for cognitive health and anti aging)


Lola Tampons

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Thrive Market

HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD OF THIS? I am fashionably late to the party that is Thrive Market, but I am nevertheless happy to have finally arrived. I heard about it on one of my very favorite pods, That’s So Retrograde, and they spoke so highly about it that I had to give it a try. I’m basically a big sucker for any cool, new product or service. Oh, this podcast has a promo code for organic toothpaste? Did you say… oat milk? Special coffee that’s “the best”? I’M IN.

If you haven’t heard of Thrive Market, it’s basically a Costco for organic foods and all-natural products. It’s mostly wholesale prices so everything is really cheap. I am all of the sudden obsessed with ordering groceries online, and so getting my collagen peptides and coconut oil delivered to my door really strikes my fancy.

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Clue App

Along with trying to eat a more holistic diet, I’ve tried to really listen to my body and to the way I’m feeling in a more delicate way. For my whole life, I’ve just… lived. I’ve never paid any attention to how I’m really feeling or how my mood may be affecting how I am at work or the way my body may be dictating the choices I’m making. I found the Clue App (go figure, from another podcast!) and it’s been so fun to track my menstrual cycle to see how it relates to every other aspect of my life. Spoiler alert: there’s lots of correlations!

This was my first month using the app daily, but I already feel much more in ~harmony~ with my body. Just taking a few minutes every day to check in with how I’m feeling, what mood I’m in, what foods I’m craving, how energized I feel, etc. etc. has cultivated a habit of listening to how I feel and understanding how my hormones and menstrual cycle plays a part in that. Super cool ladies, check it out!


Ritual Vitamins

If you're more of a 1 and done kind of gal when it comes to your vitamin regimn (or if you're a psycho like me and want all the supplements you can get), then you'd probably love Ritual. I am obbbbsessed with these cute little vitamins that basically sparkle when you take them out of the box. They're jam packed with 9 Essential Ingredients and they are proven to be age-defying (yes please),  skin perfecting, joy promoting, and batter charing. Honestly, say no more. 

Oh, and they make for a great Insta post. Just sayin'.

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iPhone Dock

I basically use my phone all day (#sorrynotsorry). I listen to podcasts continuously throughout my workday, I run social media accounts as a part of my job, and I like to stay up to date on my own personal Insta feed—so sue me! Regardless, this little iPhone dock is my favorite desk accessory.

I have the gold one and it complements my faux white roses fabulously. It makes changing, pausing, or rewinding my podcasts super simple, and it’s easier to see my phone as opposed to looking down and hunching over. Not a good look, ladies.